A List of Trivial Food Things I Haven’t Done

If I haven’t done them by now, I don’t need to

Lee J. Bentch
3 min readSep 4, 2022


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I am in my upper sixties, moderately healthy, a widower, and still a working guy. I enjoy every day that passes, especially days that I can focus on food.

Sounds like a profile in the Our Time Seniors dating app. I can assure you it’s not. I deactivated my Our Time account. My fingers got tired of swiping left or right. I’ve convinced myself to pass on online dating. If there’s another woman in my future then she will magically materialize.

Since I’m no longer spending time staring at the app, I started thinking about the trivial things in life about food that I haven’t done.

Here’s a short list I put together of some of the things I thought about:

  • I’ve never eaten waffles at the Waffle House. The few times I go, I eat bacon, hash browns and eggs with whole wheat toast.
  • I’ve never eaten pancakes at the IHOP. I always eat hamburgers because I go at lunchtime. Although a few years ago, I took two of my granddaughters there for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t good.
  • I’ve never eaten Chili at Chili’s. While not a bad place to eat, many other things on the menu attract me.
  • I’ve never been to TGI Fridays on a Friday. I…



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